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Monday, July 17, 2006

CGOA National Conference!!!!

I'm back from the conference, and I had the greatest time. My file box is stuffed with class handouts, swatches, free patterns & magazines from companies eager to promote their products; my brain is stuffed with new techniques, ideas, inspiration and new ways to look things; my shopping bag is stuffed with wooden hooks, yarns, and Christmas gifts. Hopefully, my camera is stuffed with pictures to share.

Tuesday & Wednesday I was able to write in real time, so I will get those up here very soon. After that I was busy, busy, busy; I made notes & will have to write, but will share as much as I can.
I'm already looking forward to finding out about next year's conference and making plans.
If you get a chance to attend, grab it, you'll learn a lot and have a great time.


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