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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Organizing for the Conference

It's that time of year. The Event packet has arrived for the Chain Link conference. I've printed out the descriptions of each class, the homework to be done before arriving in class, a map of the conference center, etc. I've got my schedule worked out in an Excel Spreadsheet and in a Word document table. I like the table, there's room for notes, like homework for the class, materials fee, teacher's name, classroom; I have complete information for each class, activity and event. But, it is 4 pages long. The spreadsheet is less than a page, it has basic information; such as there's only 1 hour free on Thursday afternoon, get lunch right there; don't forget to go to the Annual meeting, don't miss the fashion show, etc.

Yesterday I started getting everything off the computer desk, and into the conference binder. First, I've learned to get at least a 4" binder with the create-a-cover. I usually put my schedule in the front plastic cover, and the map in the back plastic cover, great for a quick glance as you clean up from one class & try to decide if you have time for lunch before the next class or activity. So I stick the schedule in the front, flip the binder over, and there's no cover sleeve on the back. Okay, I decided to slip the map into the pocket on the inside front cover. There's no pocket on the inside front or back cover. Daughter #2 says "Mom, you're flipping out over a binder! Relax, breathe"

Well, I guess I'll live through it,...but who designs a create-a-cover on the front only? Who bought this binder?


At Friday, June 25, 2010, Blogger Sweet P said...

I think those of going to the conference and have binders should meet up and compare them. Mine has no plastic covers because it has a fabric covering. I can't wait see yours.


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