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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Plarn Worldwide

Wow, what does that title mean? Well, if crocheters don't have yarn at hand, they will crochet with anything. Plarn is yarn that is made of plastic bags. A great way to recycle all those bags that you get from the grocery story, drug store, and everywhere you go, it seems. They don't decompose in a normal lifetime, so throwing them into the trash and landfills means we've got a longtime mess. Reuse those bags, and make other bags. I've got a CGOA Chapter friend who does this, it's fun to tease her about spending time cutting up a dozen or so bags, and taking the time to crochet and then ending up with...only 1 bag!
Ahh, but those bags are sturdier, will hold more, and importantly, they're not adding to the massive landfills.
The blog entry in the title was written based on another blog, so this story is getting passed along. Be sure to visit the original "bagsbegone" and check out the photos of projects, and the many places she's taught. Very inspiring! By the way, the project can use donations of large crochet hooks, or old toothbrushes which are melted and a hook formed, or just some cash to purchase hooks.


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