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Friday, September 11, 2009

barnacles and coral

My daughter sent this link to me after a friend had sent it to her. We have a lot of fun when she's home. I sit at the computer in the kitchen and she's at her laptop in the dining room and we occasionally send a "linkie" to something interesting. Sometimes we giggle and have to traipse to the other room to see the pictures. Expecially when daughter #2 sends a LOLcat!
Of course, I had to reciprocate and find links to hyperbolic crochet, and the coral reef projects.
Here's a set of pictures of a "reef display at the Chicago Cultural center" in 2007.
And a blog with photos of a "reef display in Sydney" .
For the geeks - "here is a website with the mathematics involved!"

Isn't this fascinating stuff! The beautiful crochet work, the reef structures, the mathematics....
Hope you see something that you like.


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