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Monday, August 24, 2009

Why the Knitting Crocheting Business is Seasonal

Hey fiber fiends
Want to read an interesting article? This person writes that knitting and crocheting is a seasonal business.
"However, once the first rays of spring sunshine appear, to melt the winter blues away, the knitting and crocheting needles are stashed back in the box to return to their summer home in the attic next to the Christmas ornaments."
Really? My needles and hooks are still scattered, some in my crochet bag, which goes out to Borders every week for Crocheting in Public; some are in a mug next to the lamp table, where I sit and crochet almost every evening; some are on my computer table, where I swatch as I answer questions about stitches and patterns; and some are in projects on the couch, because I'm busy crocheting.

"The winter months beg for such types of garments and blankets whereas the mere thought of donning a crocheted sweater in the summer in the state of Florida would bring a droplet of sweat to one’s brow."
Maybe this person hasn't seen the lovely short-sleeved tops made in #10 thread? I have a thread top with an attached camisole and it's one of the coolest tops I own.

Let's give this writer the benefit of the doubt, maybe they are unaware of what serious knitters and crocheters are doing every day of every season! Maybe they're talking about the actual "business", saying owning a yarn shop. "Most folks do not even think about purchasing knitted products during the summer months." Well, I've been frequenting my lys, and craft stores; I've been purchasing all kinds of books, booklets, magazines, yarns, threads, hooks, needles,... And I saw hundreds of shoppers at the Conference in Buffalo buying yarn! Granted, they were buying less than other years ("it's the economy, stupid"), it wasn't because it was the beginning of August.

And the paragraph about the grandmother in the rocking chain in front of the fireplace...(That's not steam coming out of my ears!) Wait, I've figured it out -
this article was written in 1890, before air conditioning, when summer was busy with gardening and canning.

As I wrote in the comment section of the page, I wish there was a button to click that says "This is totally wrong, please remove it."

Back to the worsted weight, some on Tunisian hooks, and some on knitting needles. I'm busy with non-seasonal crocheting and knitting!


At Tuesday, August 25, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knitting and crocheting, unlike many other crafts, are year-round activities because of their portability. During the good weather, you're out and about, or maybe you're on vacation and don't want to drag along your whole scrapbooking or other craft kit, but it's easy to stick a small project in a tote bag and take it along with you to the beach (watch out for sand!) or the amusement park or the playground, to relax in the sun while your kids run around.

Warm weather lends itself to lighter fibers and/or smaller projects -- instead of a giant afghan, you might find yourself doing smaller motifs that can be assembled later at home, or working up a quick scarf and hat set so you'll be ready when the cool weather catches up with you, or a light elegant wrap for those early-fall evenings when you go out on the town, or a cotton baby blanket for that upcoming arrival. (Babies don't just get born in fall and winter, after all!)

At Friday, August 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi----didn't know crochet is a seansonal craft!!----;),
I do this all year long,
designing in yarn and thread,
either all year,

wonderful post of info,

At Monday, January 25, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.



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