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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy crochet week

I've had a busy crochet week, but great fun! Thursday was our Guild Chapter meeting, but not just a regular monthly meeting. In a fast and efficient business meeting, we voted on bylaws and a full slate of officers. Then the fun part of the meeting.

Location: we met at Knitters Dream, a local yarn shop in the outskirts of Harrisburg. And I do mean outskirts! You drive around State Game Lands, after driving up and through the golf course, then past the sign that says "road ends 500 feet", you arrive at the sign and driveway. The shop is in the basement of a private home, it's super-well stocked, organized beautifully, and has plenty of room to sit on comfy couches and look at displayed garments and accessories.

Topic: a trunk show and book signing by Myra Wood, author of Creative Crochet Lace: A Freeform Look at Classic Crochet; and Crazy Lace: An Artistic Approach to Creative Lace Knitting. Myra had some beautiful garments that are features in her Creative Crochet Lace book and we got a chance to look closely at them, while Myra talked about her technique. We had an opportunity to purchase the book, and have it autographed!! We also had the opportunity to meet Myra's lovely family, who live in the Harrisburg area.

Refreshments: Linda, owner of Knitters Dream, had a snack table with chips & dips & drinks. THANKS AGAIN! Linda

Friday, I spent a large part of the day sorting yarn and thread. A large portion was to be sent to the basement to be stored in large tubs (hubby & I got a lot of that done this evening. Then more yarn and thread had to be sorted in preparation for today's class.

Today Knitters Dream hosted a class by Myra Wood on Freeform Knitting and Crocheting! We learned about the history of freeform, and some big names in the technique. Then it was hands on! We learned to make some basic scrumbles including a knitted circle, crocheted circle, mitred square and slip stitches in knitting, and popcorns and bullions in crochet! I was the only student who was first and foremost a crocheter, but we all tackled both techniques with great attitude. How many times did someone say "This is so much fun!" ? Of course, I had to try some of the scrumbles in Tunsian.

Linda and family hosted a full lunch, including some family stories about cooking and the Farm Show.

Special THANKS to Myra for teaching this amazing class. We're looking forward to Myra visiting again.

I need to clean up some more yarn, hooks, projects, patterns, etc. Then I might take some time to "scrumble" a little!


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