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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New hooks

I discovered these double ended hooks today while doing some research. Each end has a different size hook, so you have the same number of hooks in half the space. I love the bright colors on the handles, a quick way to grab the right sized hook. The thicker hook handles, and the shaped grip look like they would be good for crocheters who have trouble holding the small hooks. Personally, I like to roll my hook on different stitches or techniques, so that grip would bother me. They also look short, like the Clover hooks. That means that the end of the hook would be hitting my palm, and not extending out past my hand, like my wonderful Boye hooks do!
You can buy the hooks separately, as well as in the set. Either way, with shipping and handling the hooks will be about $10 each. Ouch! And they're not even wood, no beads or jewels. They're not on my wish list, but I know some crocheters who would be willing to pay extra for that comfort handle!

I just found a nice "review of these hooks" . Okay, forgot that you actually have 10 hooks, that's about $5 each. More expensive than a regular hook, but for the comfort, it's reasonable. Check out these hooks if you're a Clover Soft Touch fan.


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