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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Progress on Projects

I finished the Royal Garden doily, now I need to block it and get some pictures. It's very pretty, I'd like to do it in some other colors when I have some time.
Yesterday I worked on some swatches, but mostly I took a post-recital break and read a complete novel.
Today I worked on the Ring Around the Posie top. I had some minor difficulties because of the multiple sizes in the pattern, and I'm adjusting to create a size halfway between two of the given sizes, and the fact that the pattern is over at least 4 pages in the magazine. So I created a "working copy" and used a highlighter to highlight the information on the sizes I was working from, x off the parts I didn't need at all, and made some notes about the in-between size I was creating. I had already made an index card "cheat sheet" for the motif joinings.
Here's a glance at the project so far...


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