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Monday, June 30, 2008

What am I working on? On what am I working?

I haven't posted this week, so what have I been up to?, you ask. I've been busy with some non-crochet stuff, and having to work on crochet here and there when I can grab some time.
First I've gotten a new student on my tutoring roster.
Then, it's the week before the dance recital. Maybe you've noticed other years, that I have a lot of do the week before the big show. Saturday and Sunday I worked at the studio, it was picture day. Plus printing and handing out papers for summer classes and camps, papers for fall registration, and updating all accounts for the end of the year. Tonight I have to search daughter #2's closet for costume pieces that other students would like to borrow.
I did finish the "It's All about the Purple" afghan. I have donated it to the dance studio, and it will be raffled off the night of the show. It is my original design in Tunisian double-hook. The colors are purple, orchid and a variegated with purple, orchid, green, slate gray, cream. The stitch that I used blends the colors wonderfully. Hope to get the camera software fixed soon, so that I can post some pictures of this afghan, and a few other small items that I've been doing. Right now I can only post things that I put onto the scanner, not large items, or 3-D items that I take pictures of with the digital or the 35 mm camera.

Yesterday, after coming home from the studio, I started checking a pattern. It's a doily from the January 2008 Crochet! magazine. It's got a row that is one of the most complex that I've ever done. Okay, you've got your information in parentheses ( ), then you're got your asterisk set * *, then you've got your double asterisks ** **, that's not enough? There's a triple asterisk *** ! If that's not enough to fry your pattern reading brain, that round has you finish off just before you get to the end of the round. Unfortunately, that falls at the bottom of the page, and it looks like the instructions are incomplete. When you flip back to the continuation of the pattern, there's the final part of the row! Would you like to see how it's working up?


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