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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chain Link excitment!!

Saturday's mail!! I received my packet for the conference!
I've got my name badge, with my class #s on; admission ticket to the market; door prize ticket; and goody bag claim ticket! I've been to 2 other conferences, but I guess I didn't sign up early enough because I didn't get the goody bag either time. It's really sad when everyone is talking about the wonderful fibers that are in their goody bags, and you don't have one :_(
When I get time I should double check my class code #s. Someone asked me what classes I was taking, and I could only remember one class and the Professional Development Day. What classes am I taking?
Once the dance recital is over, I also need to finish the Ring around the Posie top, and check what homework I have for my classes.

In Saturday's mail was also the flyer for Stitches East. Almost all of the classes are knitting, with a few crochet for knitters, basic crochet, broomstick lace, so I'm not signing up for any classes. Would love to go the the market again though. We'll announce it at the Guild Chapter meeting and see who wants to go on a "field trip!"


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