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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Latest Cool thing I've found - Shelfari

Today I found a program called Shelfari, where you can create a "library bookshelf", then you search their database and put books on your shelf. You can create lists like "I've read it", "I own it", "Wish List"; you can rate the books from 1 to 5 stars; you can write a review; start a book discussion; recommend books to friends, etc.
So I've spent most of the day searching for some of the books that I own, putting them on my "shelf" and then organizing them in an order that I like. Next step, I want to add my bookshelf to the blog so that others can see some crochet books, see some of the ones I've recommended, and even link to Amazon if they want to buy their own copy.
Now I'm hanging up, evidently my blog needs "updating" to "layouts" before I can add this bookshelf. But no matter what I read, what I try, what page I go to, I can't find anyway to update to layout format. If only my #2 daughter was here, she can do anything with computers! For now I have saved my bookshelf, and added it to my Internet Favorites, and I'll put a memo on my calendar with a note to have her add it when she can.
Don't you wish you could see my favorite crochet books right now? I wish you could too!


At Tuesday, June 17, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the site is wonderful! I'm clicking through 80+ pages just in the "crochet" category to put in all of mine! I'm Deb C if you want to add me to your friend list :)
Thanks for posting about it!


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