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Monday, June 09, 2008

Countdown to the Chain Link Conference

I have a two-year pocket size calendar that's only for crochet related dates: CGOA chapter meetings, ideas or themes for the meetings, paperwork dates for reserving the meeting room, Shawl Ministry, National Crochet Month, deadlines for contests and design submissions, field trips, etc.

I just checked my calendar and it's just 43 days to the start of the Conference!

So many ideas, so little time. Once I finish the "It's all About the Purple" project, I need to focus big time on the Ring Around the Posie top. I definitely have a goal to finish this in time to wear it at the Conference. I wanted to design something for the design contest, but just had too many other things that had to be done. I wanted to make several other projects to wear, or accessories, something for the gift exchange, etc. I also need to work on homework for one class. I think that I only have one class that I have homework for, I better look at my folders and double check that. Oh, and when I have time I better start organizing my binder for class notes, handouts, homework, swatches, envelopes for class tickets, materials fees, etc.


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