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Friday, May 30, 2008

Notes from last night's CGOA meeting

I think that I mentioned that I started a Yahoo group for our local Crochet Guild (CGOA). I think it's a great way to connect to people who may not be able to make the meeting, or who are looking for a meeting. Here is what I wrote and posted to our Chapter about last night's meeting:
Last night's meeting was a lot of fun. I went no "business", and no presentation.
We were making flowers, and I had posted links to a lot of patterns, and suggested making some ahead of the meeting so we had things for "show and tell". We had roses and Irish roses made in worsted weight acrylic, #3 fashion thread, and #10 thread; we had daffodils in worsted weight cotton, and #3 thread; and we had forget-me-nots, star flowers, and picot flowers, mostly in #10 thread. There was a lot of discussion about where we found patterns, what yarns we used, and what variation we liked the best. Several members worked together to make roses, while others worked individually on different flowers. I hope some of you take pictures and post to the group.

June's meeting will be Thursday, June 26th; 7 pm at East Shore Library.
Shelby is going to share some designs that involving braiding or weaving chains.

July's meeting is presently scheduled for July 24th (my bad). I did check at the information desk last night about changing the scheduled meeting room to July 31st (the correct meeting night.)
I will possibly talk endlessly about the Chain Link Conference!

Check the Calendar for scheduled meeting days, times, locations.

If you don't belong to the Crochet Guild of America, I highly recommend it. Check out the website and locate a chapter near you. You can crochet with friends and share your love of crochet, you can learn new techniques, learn about new yarns, or help a new crocheter learn new skills.
If you'd like to check out our chapter group site, click on the title to this entry. Maybe your group can set up a chapter group site, it's easier to start and maintain than a full website, and it's free. It is one resource that has helped out little group to grow.

Now I need to go back to working on my Ring around the Posie.


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