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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tunisian baby blankets

I finished the Tunisian baby blanket that I was making, and immediately went out and bought yarn and started another one. This one is slightly different, I'm trying out the double hook technique. Basically, it's Tunisian, except you have a hook on each end of your hook. You attach a skein of yarn at each end, and you turn at the end of each "picking up" row. In regular Tunisian, you don't turn your work. So, this is a little bit of a challenge. I have to remember which direction I'm working, and I have to remember to turn. I'm trying a striping technique, so I actually have one variegated skein on one end, and three colors on the other. It's looking pretty cool. I'm also swatching colors for the next idea, so there are skeins of yarn all over my working couch. Very colorful!


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