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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I did get some satisfying swatching done.

Last night at Borders I did some more swatching on the Tunisian baby afghan, and finally found a stitch and color combination that satisfy me. After finishing the swatch, I started on the full afghan. I started using an M double ended hook, it was about 9 inches long. This first one I was using was a commemorative hook from a Chain Link conference. Several people were amazed by how many stitches I managed to squash onto that hook. I was doing a stitch that uses a yarn over before the stitch, so I had 160 loops on the hook. It was working, but I knew I couldn't do the entire project on this hook. Where do all my Easy Tunisian M hooks go, anyway? I have 2 L's, 2 N's and 2 P's, shouldn't I have 2 M's? or at least I should be able to find 1 of them. This has been going on so long, that I have purchased several M's in wooden hooks!
When I got home I switched the project onto a Crochenit plastic M hook. This hook was about 14 inches long. Boy was that unsatisfactory. The yarn just didn't slide nicely, and the tension seemed tight, the whole project felt tight, instead of my loose, relaxing Tunisian. So I moved up to the beautiful double ended hook that I bought from ? somewhere online. (I wonder if I have a record of where I bought this hook. I could buy more of these!) This hook is about 25 inches long, I don't usually like to work with that length, I'd rather squash a lot of stitches on the ET 14" hooks. But I'm loving the way the yarn slides on this hook, and the fact that I can spread the stitches and look at the entire project even while it's on the hook. I finished about 14 rows last night. With focus, I should finish this up in no time.


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