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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Songs in my head

There are two songs playing in my head this evening. It starts off with the Beach Boys "After 8 hours of school, I've had enough for the day. I hit the radio dial and turn it up all the way. I wanna dance!" Right about then, the other voice chimes in with "School's out for Summer".
That's right, today was my last day teaching. This evening we had Student Recognition Night, where we gave awards to the top students. Now I'm finished for this school year. The students aren't. We're a private education group that supplements & supports families that home school. The families will be finishing up lessons, projects, testing, and evaluations. But our classes are finished.
I'll miss the kids, but it's nice to have a looong summer. I have so many things to do in my other jobs.

Tomorrow, back to crocheting. I've worked a little on a Tunisian baby afghan this week, but not as much as I'd like.
"I wanna dance!" Sing along,...


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