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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Whole lotta swatching going on...

For the past week I've been busy swatching some new ideas for Tunisian projects. Some have been deemed "not up to interesting", and have gone to the great frog pond! Others have some potential, and I've kept a swatch and notes and hope to get to them soon.
I have several swatches that I've made from the Essential Crochet Techniques that I really love, I've made several swatches this week from different colors, but what I thought was exactly the same stitch (from memory, not from the book). They are not exactly the same, the fronts are identical, but the backs aren't. So I have to go back to the book and find out what I'm doing differently. But remember that I said I was going to start pulling books off a book shelf, sorting books and organizing them on the newly available shelf. I'm in the middle of that project, and I can't find the book that I want.
Now, last week after searching a day or two for a Tunisian book I finally remembered that it's one of the books in the library display. Since the display was dismantled on Thursday, I will get those books back this week, but I don't think that this book was in the display. I have a rolling suitcase full of Tunisian books that I was taking to the classes I taught, but it shouldn't be in there, either. What did I do with this book?


At Tuesday, April 08, 2008, Blogger Cat said...

Tunisia project huh !!! Sounds interesting to me. I really like your blog.


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