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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Review of Sew Grip Gloves

I received a pair of Sew Grip Gloves from Jean at the Yahoo group RA_Yarnsandmore. She has them available for sewers for extra grip of pins, needles, and fine thread. She offered two pair for use and review by knitters and crocheters. I got to try these out, and wrote the following review that I posted to the group:

I’m an avid thread crocheter, and work in #10 and sometimes #20 thread. I also hold my thread in an unusual manner, I don’t wind it around all my fingers like shown in all the how to guides. The thread just flows between my pointer and index finger of my left hand, that’s all the “tensioning” that I use. Some days I have limited “squeeze” and can only spend a short time working, especially if using #20 thread.
I tried the Sew Grip gloves while working with #20 thread. I did have to take off the right hand glove, it wasn’t helping the grip on the hook for me. I think that some people who have a small amount of trouble with holding small hooks might find some benefit.
I really loved the extra “grip” the glove had on the cotton thread. It added just enough friction that the thread stayed taut in my fingers and I worked 3 small motifs.
I don’t think this will help with most yarns, as there would be too much friction. But it might be just the thing for those slippery, ribbon type yarns, and definitely thread.


At Thursday, October 22, 2009, Anonymous sewgrip.com said...

Dear Jane, thanks! My name is Gail Romiti, I invented Sewgrip(r) sewing gloves. They are a productivity tool for Taylors and/or seamstresses to easily manipulate pins and needles for gripping without slippage as well as holding improved tension on your fabric and evenly feeding materials into sewing machines. They may benefit carpel tunnel and fatigue related injuries but are intended for the efficiency of making stuff faster with better control.

Your right there is little benefit for crocheting or knitting unless your using a slippery yarn.

Sewgrip(r) is a nylon knitted glove with polyurethane dipped fingertips; two bare fingers are for craft person to maintain natural contact with materials.

Sewgrip(r) is currently licensed to FaEdmunds Company as my representing manufacturer.. Although, if you have any questions feel free to contact me at: RomiG@ParkerCarver.com

SEW please keep enjoying your creative journey and have blessed travels

Gail O=)


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