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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


After making the little motifs for the CAL on Antique Threadwork, and designing the little doily from the motif, I couldn't put down the threadwork. I've been busy working on the runner for my sister, it's called Cathedral Lace. The pattern is fairly simple, you just have to keep track on what round you're on. For example rounds 17 -22 are alternating rounds 7 and 6, and those 2 rounds are very similar. I also decided to start on the Two Tone Doily that was the May choice of Doily of the Month. The pattern shows several doilies done with one color and white, but I thought that I wanted to do a light pink and dark pink. I made the dark pink center, but when I started with the light pink, it's a ball of South Maid. How did that get in the stash? I thought that I quit buying that several years ago, the quality is, shall I say, cheesy (to put it nicely). Anyway, I'm trying it with the dark purple and lilac; although I was tempted to go with a light and dark orange. I bought the orange for another project, and who do I know that might want an orange doily?


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