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Friday, May 18, 2007

ramblings about magazines

While researching fibers in about 4 stores recently, I took some time to browse through the knit and crochet magazines. I usually buy all the crochet magazines on the rack, I want them to continue to be published. I also like to buy an occaisional knitting magazine, I don't actually use any of the patterns, Yet! But I like to look at the projects and select design elements that I like. When I get ready to make the next sweater, I'll have a large amount of ideas in all areas. I also love to look at the yarn advertisements, they're usually so beautiful. Have you noticed that the crochet magazines tend to advertise the yarns available at the craft stores, while knit magazines tend to advertise from independent yarn shops? There are probably a lot of reasons for these advertising decisions, but I'm eager for the day that the crochet magazines contain beautiful yarn ads. For now, I have a list of online yarn sites to check out. First, a Peruvian cotton at "Cascade yarns", next a "silk with petite sequins" at "Tilli Tomas", then I'm going to check out "Mountain Colors" just because it sounds pretty, I think it might be wool and wool blends (show frowny face), then on to "Mannings". Mannings is on the list of field trips for the Guild Chapter. Maybe I should check out days/times while I'm on the site and start planning the trip.

I bought the latest isssue of Knitters Magazine, Spring 2007. I was first attracted to the words on the front cover "Discover Filet", now I know that Filet is a word associated with crochet, not knit, so I had to check it out. The author of this article is so fascinated with the beautiful of Filet crochet, that he had to learn how to mimic the technique in knitting! There is a pattern for a camisole in knit filet, and a page with thumbnail shots of future projects.

I'm going "Windows shopping" now!


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