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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good Crochet week

I had a really great crochet week. I made steady progress on a lot of small items, finished a doily, found a lot of links for motifs for a crochet-a-long, and made several preemie hats.
I taught my first class at Michaels on Thursday. I had 3 students, all with experience in crocheting and knitting. They picked up the technique very quickly, and we made swatches of several stitches, I actually covered a lot more than I had planned. I taught them the Tunisian simple stitch, knit and purl. I also gave them a lot of tips to make their work easier and more finished-looking. They all said they were very happy with the class, and wanted to do more of the stitch patterns - clusters, shells. So, I'm planning some additional classes!
I also have a new stitching contract. Not able to say much about it at this time, except that it is Tunisian! I've been choosing colors and swatching. Happy, Happy!!
Then this morning I got a phone call from a regular customer. She would like another afghan to give as a wedding gift. Evidently family members are talking about the others they've received, and they're all going to want one! Hmmmm, do I have time to design something in Tunisian?


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