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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Block and blog

My list of things to do today include a note to block and blog.
I signed up for a doily exchange with one of the groups that I'm in, "Antique Threadwork" . I took a break from the Tunisian project to work up a nice doily. I started on it Thursday morning and finished last night. I blocked it tonight, and will get it in the mail soon.
Today I decided to see what I might do with the motif Crochet-a-Long that I'm leading with the group. Earlier this month I selected a motif and posted the link, and then asked for people to make the motif, and think up ideas of what they could do with it. I made up the motif, as written, in #10 thread and in a worsted weight cotton, and posted pictures. Today I decided to see how to join motifs as I finished the last row. I wrote up those directions and posted a photo of the joined motifs. Then I started another motif and decided to try making it into a doily. The first rounds I just made up as I crocheted, but then thought that I could make pineapples. Then thought of putting hearts between the pineapples, but decided instead of put a spiderweb design between. It's working up very pretty, but cupping badly. I'm hoping that blocking will flatten it properly. Otherwise, I'll have to "read" my work, write down the pattern and try it again, possibly with a larger hook or maybe adding a few chains between the pineapples, shells and spiderweb work. I'm thinking that I have about two more rounds until it's finished, then I'll block itand hope that's all that it needs.
I also made a final decision on the pattern and yarn colors for the afghan that I need to make. I'll be shopping for yarn tomorrow. I also need to do a little more planning for Thursday's Tunisian class at Michaels. I taught the students the Tunisian Simple stitch, knit and purl. That is, the purl as most of the books teach it; several of the Tunisian teachers and designers call this the Tunisian reverse.
I also gave them plenty of tips for making the stitching easier, taming the curl, and finishing. Thursday I'm hoping to teach them the Tunisian Plain or Full stitch, the Tunisian double, double variations such as front post and back post, crossed stitches, and then some stitch patterns made by using multiple stitches. I will also need to teach them different working off techniques.


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