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Friday, September 29, 2006

Current doily

Tuesday evening at the Michaels Sit N Stitch I started another doily. It's the Crochet-A-Long Doily from "Crochet Memories". Hey, if you don't have this site saved to your Favorites list yet, do it now. I can't keep giving it to you each time I mention it. I have purchased many patterns from this site, and they are all exceptionally well written. They're also all beautiful!
Since we haven't fixed the problem with the software on the camera and printer/scanner I can't take pictures with the digital and get them uploaded to the computer. So the blog has been devoid of pictures for a while. I realized that I can put flat items, like doilies, on the scanner and then upload them here. So, here is a picture of the doily in progress.

I especially love the third round of this doily which uses a variation of crossed doubles, it creates a lovely texture. Here is a detail shot.

I've recently purchased the pattern called Masquerade Party Crinoline Girl Doily. It's at the bottom of this page "crocheted doll patterns" I'm hoping to make this before Halloween. I bought the black and orange thread already. I thought that finding those two colors was going to be difficult, but Michaels had them both on the shelf. At the same time I purchased a ball of light orange that I thought was pretty. I'm now thinking how those two oranges look together. Maybe after I've finished the Masquerade Party girl, I wil find a doily to make with the two shades of orange.


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