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Monday, July 10, 2006

COUNTDOWN 25 hours

With approximately 25 hours to go, I've got clothes hanging from the closet door and clothes organized on my bed. What to wear each day? The UPS man rings the bell & leaves a package, it's my online order from Roamans, which includes a pair of jeans in Tall. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find jeans long enough?
The package also contains 2 crocheted tops. One was from a link someone supplied in cplist. It's a long sleeved top coming to a point at the bottom of the center front & center back, the sleeves also come to a point at the front wrist, and there's an o-ring at the neckline. Several people wanted to look at the online page & figure out how to make this themselves. Well, it was reasonably priced, so I just bought it. Like so many items hand crocheted for larger sizes, it has issues under the arms. It is fairly simple, and I think it would be easy enough to figure how to make a similar item, but shaped to fit. Stay tuned - I'm taking 12 hours of designing crocheted garments at the conference!
The second top is sweet! It's a short sleeved pineapple design top over a sleeveless shell, and attached at the shoulder seams. I love the look and the fit! But like most items, where you get what you pay for, no one worries about those finishing touches that are so important to hand tailored, hand crocheted, or hand knitted garments. There are little ends sticking out from many places, and even one spot where it looks like they tied the threads and 2 ends are sticking out, right in the front. I'll take a small, steel hook and work these in as best I can. But, you know that with the ends tied, it won't hold up as well as if they left long ends and wove them in properly.
The mail man also brought my order from Annie's Attic, which includes a booklet on Mini Thread Doilies; and also a new issue of Crochet! September, all ready? I also got the latest Crochet Fantasy last week, and I haven't peeked at it, just dropped it into the file box that's going along to the conference. Now, I have 2 magazines to look at during downtime in the evenings. And some thread work to practice, I sure love the looks of those Painted doilies made with thread, but #20 thread is the smallest I've worked so far.


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