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Friday, April 08, 2005

4 Days of no crocheting

4 days of no crocheting, I never would have believed that I could do that. Several times I've started to reach for the hook and one of the WIP, but decided to let the shoulder heal a little more.
Yesterday I spent more time with the Needlework book, read about patchwork and quilting. I was not very interested.
I also spent time on line looking at the website for a local yarn store (LYS). I was told about the store by a mom at the dance studio. Went out in the evening to spend some time checking it out, but ran into a heavy rain, and decided I wouldn't have enough time to really enjoy myself. Went to Michaels instead and bought some Homespun and Lion Soft Baby for shawls. Shawl ministry meets on Monday, but I doubt that I'll have either completed by then. Picked up the Homespun and Tunisian hooks last night and worked the first 4 rows, but was not comfortable, then was in pain all night. Need to spend more time organizing, searching websites, and getting design paperwork ready to be submitted.
I'm heading out to that yarn store this afternoon!


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