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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reading that's related to my crochet, and yet not about crochet

I hope that title whets your appetite. I started this post at the beginning of February, and hadn't gotten around to actually clicking the "publish post" button.

I'm reading some interesting books and magazine articles right now. They're not crochet books, or anything about crochet; and yet, they are relating to my crochet life.
I mentioned the audio that I'm listening to right now, "How to Prepare a Winning Proposal" by Pat Cramer. That's related to the class that I'm taking. I'm also reading a book titled "How to Write Irresistible Query Letters", by Lisa Collier Cool. What's a Query Letter you ask? Good question! A query letter is when you write to a publication, editor, etc and say "I have this great idea, it's great because.., I think you'd be interested, and I think that I'm the perfect person to implement this great idea because...".
I recently read "You can Write and Publish a Book" by John Bond. By the Way, the little "quizzy thing" said "Go for It!" Before that I read a great book called "How to Toot your Own Horn without Blowing it". That's about marketing yourself and your ideas. I really enjoyed reading that and working the little "think abouts" and activities.
I have pages of notes on these books, along with several notebooks of other notes. I'm hoping that I can make all these ideas come together the way I'm thinking.

Readers - is there anything that you're reading that's related to your crochet, and yet is not a crochet book? I'm interested in hearing all about it.


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