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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Checking In, weather & paperwork

I'm alive and well, and not snowed in, yet! Everytime they predict snow we tend to get a wintery mix, or freezing rain; and in a day or so we're back to cold but clear. This a.m. we're supposed to get snow, possibly some accumulation. Then snow again Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm not at all surprised, the Farm Show starts at 8 a.m. today. This happens so frequently in the Harrisburg area that it's actually known as "Farm Show Weather". It doesn't matter what the weather is like days before the Farm Show, or what happens the days after the Farm Show, the week of the show is typically cold, wet, snowy, blustery,...
Crochet-wise I'm not getting much accomplished with the hook and thread or yarn. My crochet related activities all involve paperwork. I'm putting together a flyer about our local CGOA Chapter, which will be handed out at the Farm Show. If you're going to be there, look for the Keystone Lace Guild booth where we'll be promoting crochet, our Guild chapter, and the upcoming Gathering of the Guilds. I'm also filling out papers for an ad in the program of the Gathering, registration for the Gathering, and posting notices to our Chapter on our Yahoo Group: "Those Yarn Crocheters"

I'm also filling out forms to reserve the library meeting room for Chapter meetings, and trying to find a few alternate locations for when the meeting room is not available. I recently finished writing a press release about the Guild Chapter and our recent charity crocheting for the Special Olympics Winter Games and Knit One/Save One caps for Save the Children/Warm Up America. I hope to get it out to local papers this week (reminder, it seems to be stuck at the proof readers).

I'm also working on some other CGOA related paperwork. I'm also a moderator on the Ravelry group Learn Crochet. If you're a member of Ravelry, check out the group. It's very informative. I belong to about 40 other groups on Ravelry, right now I'm not very active on many, but hope to get back to them soon. I've also joined Crochetville, mainly because I wanted to take an online class that they were offering called Designing for Print Publication. Part of the class will actually be writing and preparing a pattern for publication, and submitting it to a publication. This starts on Jan. 23rd. I think it's going to be a fabulous class.

When I'm not working on paperwork, I tend to think a lot about the next garment I want to make. I've now bought sportweight yarn to royal blue, fingering weight yarn in white, some light worsted in pale blue soy blend, some worsted in blue cotton blend; all with general ideas of a vest, top, tunic,...I really need to start swatching, checking gauge, laundering swatches, assessing drape, etc. then get busy designing or crocheting. I have several patterns in Everyday Crochet that I'd like to tackle, but I've also been thinking of creating a "sampler" cardigan involving a band of motifs around the bottom, then some basic stitches, some textured stitches, probably some Tunisian, maybe some hairpin lace,...so many possibilities.

Must shut down the computer and get some sleep. Fiber filled dreams!


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