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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

CGOA Chapter News

Our meeting Thursday was affected by the weather. Threats of snowstorm and white-out conditions reduced attendance to 4. We ended up with a dusting.
The meeting started with business. The CGOA has changed the by-laws, before an application for a chapter had to have 5 CGOA members, now it must contain "at least one" CGOA member. With 2 of us, we can apply for official chapter-ship! That's part of this week's paperwork. Next we discussed possible names for the chapter, I like Capter Area, but that could be just about anywhere, so we're thinking about Harrisburg Area. I was hoping for something a little more creative, one suggestion was Hook, Yarn and Stitches. Hmmm
The main part of the meeting was Tunisian! I taught the Basic Afghan Stitch (that's how a lot of people think of it, because of the big interest in the '70s). I also taught them the Knit stitch, Purl and Reverse; we also covered topics such as selecting a good hook size for the fiber, types of hooks, working into the back of the starting chain to get a nice bottom edge, working into the last stitch on the left edge to get a nice edge, and binding off. We all have a nice little sample swatch to take home.
In February we've scheduled a trip to a LYS, and to the Gathering of the Guilds.
The March meeting is still under discussion, there is interest in learning to crochet with wire and carving a hook. I'm not an expert in those areas, it might be a little late to arrange a guest speaker. But, I can start looking, and maybe schedule a guest for later in the year.


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