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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pittsburgh Knitting Festival

Here is an activity I wish I could add to my schedule. It's strictly knitting, no crochet, but right now I'm trying to learn more knitting. I think it will help with things like garment fitting, drape, etc. But I also know that I can adapt what I've learned in knitting into Tunisian crochet - definitely my favorite crochet activity.
I'd love to take the class Feather and Fan with Nancy Griffin, I've seen this pattern knitted at the Shawl Ministry and it's gorgeous. I'd love to do this in Tunisian, but can't find a pattern. One of the books I have from the library now is The New Knitting Stitch Library, by Lesley Stanfield. It has over 300 stitch patterns, lovely to look at. I don't like the fact that none of the stitch patterns are named, and that all the patterns are charted, not written. I'll have to learn yet another symbol system, because it's different than the crochet symbols, and I'm not a visual learner! Why couldn't they have included K2, P2, etc,...it's like a combination of English and algebra, I can read that!
So, why can't I go to this Festival, it's a Friday and Saturday, I work Tuesday & Wednesday, I could visit daughter #2 (M) at college. But that Saturday is the Central PA Gathering of the Guilds. And I'm very interested in crocheted lace at this time, I'm definitely attending the Gathering of the Guilds. I've even arranged to meet a fellow crocheter, she's from the Pittsburgh area.


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