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Friday, January 28, 2005

CGOA Regional Conference

Why am I worrying about what online course to take next? I just spent $400 on classes at the Crochet Guild of America Regional conference at the end of March. It is being held along with the Knitting Guild of America National Convention in King of Prussia, PA. That's almost local for me! I take my daughter to a dance competition twice a year in King of Prussia.
I registered for the Breakfast Fashion Show on Friday, and the Banquet & Fashion show on Saturday. I've signed up for 2 Tunisian classes - Design your Own Tunisian Crochet Afghan (6 hour class), and Cosmic Color in Tunisian Crochet. Then a class to learn a new technique, Basic Overlay crochet (another 6 hour class). The other 3 hour classes I've selected are Portable crochet, Everything about the Post Stitch (I love front posts, and back posts. An afghan I made using linked front posts & linked back posts won Best of Show at the county fair.), and Crochet by the Numbers. This is going to link my favorite hobby with another passion - mathematics. The class includes Fibonacci numbers, Golden Ratio, Golden rectangle, and Mobius strips. I teach a class on Recreational Math and cover all these topics! That should be great fun.


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