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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I learned to crochet when I was about 10. Can't remember much of what I made that long ago, but I crocheted a lot in high school, making mostly sleeveless sweaters. Those tank tops that went over a blouse that were oh-so-popular! Mostly in shell stitches and those 60's colors. I still have an old one in brown, tan and beige. I took a lot of clothing construction classes and made most of my own clothes, crocheting went along with sewing. An older cousin was expecting during my senior year, and I sewed up a batch of baby items; pajamas and gowns, etc. I also crocheted a sweater, bonnet, booties and blanket set.
Later I made a lot of the "boutique" baby booties - moccasins, majorette boots with tassels, roller skates, Mary Janes. I sold a lot through work and a commissioned arts & crafts show.
All of this I did using published patterns, only changing the colors. I never attempted to create or design.
When our 2 girls were very young I did some crocheting, mostly baby sweaters and hats. Then I spent a lot of time parenting, homeschooling, teaching part time, taking college classes and working part time. Not much time for crocheting.
That all changed with a request from a friend. more later...
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