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Saturday, October 30, 2004

New Project on Hook

Today I took a break from the 4 afghans that need to be done before Christmas. They're all quick & easy type patterns, so I have brain area left over to think about what else I might like to do. I decided I need to crochet some socks and slippers, my feet were cold. Then I thought I might do a light shawl. I started with some Homespun that was left when I changed ideas on a previous project. I started with a large Tunisian hook and a cross stitch, but the detailed stitch didn't show up with the fuzzy, multi-color yarn. Switched to the basic afghan stitch (BAS), aka Tunisian simple stitch (TSS). Still wasn't sure that was the look I was after, so I switched to a large crochet hook and shell stitch. On about the 5th try I found something I liked. I worked three rows in a v-stitch variation, then worked around onto the beginning chain and worked even in double crochet. Then I switched back to the Tunisian and pulled up a loop in the top of each double, and I'm working the body of the shawl in (TSS).
Working on large Tunisian hooks makes any yarn soft and comfy, the Homespun on those hooks is luscious!

"one of my first Tunisian projects - scarf and purse"

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