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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Surprise box

Trying to catch up with digests from various groups, finishing projects, organizing patterns & yarns; writing e-mails, making posts, housework (what?), and children.
Have several ideas to post, but haven't done the actual writing.
The mailman just left a box for me, surprise! It has a return address of Lion Brand Yarn! Wait, I don't remember ordering any more yarn. What can it be? Hold on, I'm getting the scissors & opening the box.

This is a surprise! I've got a letter thanking me for teaching two people to crochet - it's part of the Each One Teach Two program through the Craft Yarn Coucil of America. (will add a link as soon as I've finished looking through the box). My name was drawn from a list of teachers & they sent me a gift. Wow, 6 skeins of Homespun in pretty red/pink/ purple shades - Boston Rose, Coral Gables, Antique, Gothic; and a pattern for a Granny Square Wrap. Now, I'm not a fan of Granny Squares, but I love the colors! I'll probably incorporate these in some Prayer Shawls.
Hope you had fun with my surprise box!
"Craft Yarn Council of America Each One Teach Two"