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Friday, April 08, 2005

Vermont Woodwork hook

The mailman delivered my latest wooden hook purchased on eBay. It is made by Vermont Woodwork. I love the beadwork and carving, but I don't like the overall hook as much as I like the Sonshapes. On the Sonshapes hook the barrel is the same size to the end, on the Vermont, the non-working end of the hook is about 4 times bigger than the working barrel. The hook is also about 2 -3 inches longer than the Sonshapes, the length and diameter make the hook heavy at the end, not as well balanced. I will probably keep this as a collectible, and not actually work with it. The Sonshapes and the small wooden afghan hook will probably be used occasionally, just to enjoy the feel of the wood. Wood and fiber, how satisfying!


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