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Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent Magazines

I have subscriptions to two crochet magazines, but browse the crochet and knitting magazines at Borders every Tuesday evening. The past few weeks I've seen many projects that I want to make. Here are some of the magazines and the projects.

"Crochet!" May 2010
Cockleshells Cardi, Sally's Best Friend Cardigan, Love Knot Shawl, Blue Blitz Jacket, Caribbean Topper

"Interweave Crochet" Spring 2010
Chloe Cardigan, Kristy Cardigan, New Town Swing Sweater, Buttercup Bag, Five Peaks Shawl (Tunisian! Knitting Daily rates the pattern as "easy-peasy".)

"Crochet Today!" March/April 2010 (website shows the May/June issue & previews)
Chic Cabled Bag,

Inside Crochet Dec/Jan 2009 (I can't locate a website with previews)
Capricious Cardigan, Dragon Gauntlets
The articles are of interest, including Tunisian in this issue. There's a very classic men's vest in the Feb/March issue.

A knitting friend at our Tuesday get-togethers always brings a stack of books and magazines to the table, and we love to check out patterns & yarns, discuss what we like, don't like, what we might change, etc. I frequently find something of interest. The June "KNIT'nSYTLE" caught my attention - the cover design has a crocheted shell top with a lightly-gathered knitted body. It's a lovely light blue with specks of various colors. (It's on the preview page.) I can do the body portion in Tunisian. It will take a little gauge swatching to get the perfect yarn, and hook sizes, but it's the process.
This issue has a "Mini-Focus on Crochet", starting with a to-be-expected article on adding crochet detail to a knit project, and two projects (a handbag and a sweater) in your choice of knit or crochet. There are also articles on crochet - an introduction to Tunisian, a workshop on borders, and interview of Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude, and projects totally in crochet. The projects include a Tunisian shawl, a jacket in Catherine Wheels, a shoulder bag, and a broomstick lace beach coverup. Crocheters as well as knitters will love this issue!


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