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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm back online!

Computers! Sometimes I hate them as much as I love them.
Our desktop got a Trojan virus, which started eating all the execute files. That's what runs the programs. We scrambled and copied my important files onto a flash drive.
Next we updated the virus protection on the laptop, since it hasn't been used since daughter #2 replaced it with an Apple, the virus protection was 40 months out-of-date! Then loaded an Office program to the laptop. Next we loaded the files from the flash drive onto the laptop. Then we were ready to give the go-ahead to the shop to wipe the hard drive. That was tough, I know that I lost a lot of important stuff, including some crochet patterns that I had paid to download.
Hubby retrieved on old desktop from the basement and hooked it up, but it wasn't even "better than nothing". I couldn't get anything done on it.
Daughter #2 downloaded wi-fi drivers from the Internet to her computer, to the flash drive, to the old lap top. Then I was driving to Borders almost daily to check my email. Most of the time I did not get to read it, I just made sure that the wasn't something urgent that I had to take care of, and then sort some emails into files to be read later. When daughter #1 arrived home, she set up her wireless router so that we could all use wi-fi at home.
I now have my desktop computer back, and have slowly been transferring things back from laptop to desktop. I've also spent time online, and have started bookmarking favorites.
Less time driving to & from Borders, and setting up & putting away the laptop, I can get back to my email, my blog, and crocheting!


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