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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Knitters' Dream

Yesterday I checked out a new yarn store in the Harrisburg area, Knitters' Dream.
Check out their website, if you're not in the area. "Knitters' Dream" It is in the former family room of a home, very cozy. However, it is well laid out and organized. I was amazed at the great assortment of traditional yarns, hand-dyed yarns, and new novelty yarns. And a great supply of knitting patterns, hooks, and other equipment. There was a small amount of crochet hooks, books, and even some Tunisian hooks. The nice part was the owner was friendly and discussed crochet, hooks, equipment and yarns positively with this crocheter.
I bought a pair of black purse handles for my next crocheted purse. I love the first so much and I'm thinking about using the same pattern, just adding a black satin ribbon to the worsted. But I've also been looking at other patterns. I found several I really like at the Coats and Clark website.
"the black purse"
"Basketweave purse"

I also bought a quilted knitting needle case for my Tunisian and double-ended afghan hooks. When I inquired if she thought the Tunisian hooks would fit in the knitting cases, she went upstairs and brought down her case. Since the Easy Tunisian hooks were on the same display as the knitting cases, I was able to hold them up to the case to see for myself. Last night I put 6 of my Easy Tunisian hooks into the case, leaving spaces for the 2 that are in projects. I also had room to add 2 afghan hooks, and 2 double-ended hooks, and have spaces left. Still not sure that I want to add my thin wooden afghan hook to this case. I put it and my two wooden crochet hooks into the mug I bought at the Conference.

Last, I bought a ball of orange/brown funky yarn. I thought I might add its texture to the Homespun I'm using for a shawl, but don't think I like the shades together. The Homespun itself is making beautiful stripes of brown, orange, rust shades.


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